Who is the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance?

Africa is a continent with the largest biodiversity on the planet, it is a land of extreme beauty both in scenery and fauna and flora. A continent that has been host of possibly more documentaries than any other on the planet.

Yet Africa is in trouble. With the fastest growing population on the planet, the wildlife and wild places are shrinking fast. More people “on the breadline” are looking to wildlife reserves as a source of food or income and the poaching across the continent has reached an all time high.

Ivan Carter has worked for the last 28 years as one of Africa's premier Safari guides leading safaris and interested groups on trips “off the beaten path” in 11 different countries. See more about Ivan Carter at the link below.

Compelled by what he has witnessed first hand, the idea of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance was born. 

What Carter realized is that there are a lot of very dedicated and effective conservationists on the front line. Most often however, they are under funded, under trained, and under equipped, and there is a real need for the support of such people.

The essence of the foundation will be to mitigate these effects, however, alone this is an impossible undertaking and so we have put together the following board of highly effective businessmen, all of whom have a heart for true conservation and all of whom fully support the overall goal of the ICWCF.

“We have an incredibly effective team of practical, conservation minded businesspeople who have the skills and abilities to truly make a difference to conservation in the front line” -- Ivan Carter

Board of Directors

John Banovich

Rebecca Evans

Larry Shores

Sassan Moghadam

Lars Markgren

Graham Pelham.jpeg

Graham Pelham