The Largest Giraffe Move in East Africa

We are very proud to have partnered with Lewis Metzger and his family as well as Giraffe Conservation Foundation and Uganda Wildlife authority in this incredible initiative.

Over the years through exceptional anti-poaching and the support of Giraffe Conservation research, the population of Rothschilds giraffe on the northern banks of the River Nile that bisects the Murchison Falls National Park has dramatically expanded. In a bid to establish a population on the south bank effectively enlarging the Rothschilds giraffe home range a bold move was taken and we undertook to fund and participate in the largest move of Giraffe ever undertaken in East Africa.

It should be noted, the exceptional efforts by UWA (Uganda Wildlife Authority) to recover the area, free it from the threat of poaching and collaborate in this incredible initiative! 

The move went incredibly well. In fact, in recent months observers have seen the first two baby giraffes born on the southern area of the Park.

Thanks to the Metzger Foundation for their support through this, they will indeed forever be responsible for the establishment of this important population.

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