You're Invited To Molly's Party!


The party is a celebration of conservation! There will be a presentation of conservation solutions and a lively gathering of like minded people. In today's world there are so many so-called conservation solutions, but they are not working, and we believe that we have a few formulas that truly work. This will be a presentation of these formulas. Formulas that are truly “moving the needle” in conservation.


So why have we invited you? We believe that inviting a core of active conservationists to share ideas, explore solutions and celebrate conservation is one of the very best ways to advance “what really works”. There are hundreds, if not thousands of fundraisers and charity events around wildlife issues all around the world. However, very few of these get to the very heart of the issues of conservation; something that is vitally important if we are to fund and implement sustainable, measurable impact. 


MAY 19th, 2017

  • 5:30 Meet and greet our conservation heros for cocktails and hours d’oeuvres
  • 6:30 Presentation plus special guest appearances
  • Food to follow



"In my travels to 10 African countries over the last 2 decades, I have come to understand just how important conservation is for the protection and sustainability of our wild species and wild places.  With this realization comes a desire to make a difference, so I decided to have a party as a way to tangibly support conservation heroes on the front line fighting for the many initiatives I truly believe in.  I want to use this opportunity to educate others about what is really going on and the real dangers facing wildlife if drastic measures aren’t continued and even more put into place.  Over the past five years, I have regularly witnessed animals walking around with snares and rotting animals caught in snares.  I’ve encountered poachers and seen the senseless killing of wildlife.  These are real threats to the sustainability of incredible species and they MUST be stopped.   It truly breaks my heart.  What would Africa be like with NO wildlife? I shudder at that thought, and so I am stepping up in support of conservation and hoping I will inspire you to do the same."


Petronel started her career in the Endangered Species Protection Unit of the South African Police where she held rank as Captain. In 1999 she left the police service and started The Game Capture School. And in 2011, Care for Wild Africa was born.

On a beautiful and hidden reserve near Nelspruit, South Africa, she runs this very special centre. It’s a sanctuary for many different wild animals in need. She is one of a few people worldwide who specialises in the care of orphaned and injured rhinos, which she calls her children.

Petronel knows when a hair is out of place on any one of her rhinos. “It is all about attention to detail…” she says. The temperature of the milk is different for each individual animal, they are weighed every week to make sure they are healthy and each boma is specially designed and finished to the highest standard. Most important of all is a calm, tranquil space for these animals and to make sure you listen to what the animal is telling you.

Petronel gives her animals 24 hour care. There is no doubt that without her, many orphaned white rhinos would never have survived and had the chance to live a wild life again. She is truly one of the worlds wildlife heroes and worthy of our support and recognition.


Ivan is a well known hunter and conservationist, and host of the television show “CartersWAR”. He will be co -hosting the event. Carter has recently founded his conservation alliance dedicated to completely out of the box thinking with regards to conservation issues.

“Conservation is simple - its simply giving the heroes of conservation the global support they need to be truly successful” Ivan Carter


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