Jack has very generously opened his home and agreed to host this evening of conservation. Jack is a very accomplished hunter, over the years he has become a good friend of mine as we do indeed share much of the same passions; conservation, hunting, and a deep love of the outdoors. I am proud to call Jack a friend. He is an incredible hunter and one of the toughest men I know... Ivan Carter.


John is a very familiar name to anyone who loves wildlife art, conservation, and the pursuit of all things remote. His incredible talent for capturing a scene leaves me astounded anytime I am around him. John is on the board of The Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance. He is an active member with enormous wisdom and understanding of “true conservation". John will be co-hosting the event with us and will have some of his most dramatic pieces on display.

“Now more than ever, we need to expand the message about the vital importance of the world’s natural places and utilize the forceful role that artists can leverage in the efforts to conserve them. Through my artwork, I hope to move, reveal and inspire people to seek a deeper understanding of the world around us and bring together groups of individuals to unite on a common ground. Our natural world is severely threatened and with this increased pressure, a new paradigm must emerge...artists, conservationists, sportsmen and environmentalists must come together in areas of overlapping interests.” John Banovich


Ivan is a well known hunter and conservationist, and host of the television show “CartersWAR”. He will be co -hosting the event as well. Carter has recently founded his conservation alliance dedicated to completely out of the box thinking with regards to conservation issues. www.ivancarter.com

“Conservation is simple - its simply giving the heroes of conservation the global support they need to be truly successful” Ivan Carter