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Dick and Mary Cabela were blessed with a deep love for the outdoors and a deeper faith that gave all their outdoor adventures meaning. Thus, they created the Cabela Family Foundation in order to ensure these blessings will be enjoyed for many generations. The Cabela Family Foundation strives to participate in long-term, high-impact partnerships that will fulfill the foundation’s mission long into the future.

We are very proud to partner with the cabela family foundation with some spectacular wildlife and range expansion projects and we deeply appreciate their support of these ecostems through our foundation 

Nelson Puett Foundation logo.jpg

We are very grateful for the Nelson Puett foundation and their generous support of the free running pack hounds that are having such extraordinary success in the poaching battle in Kruger National Park. Thank you Nelson and family for your generous support.

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We would like to thank Safari Scapes for their generous support - Safari Scapes African Experiences division puts together the most exquisite safaris across the continent that are guaranteed to delight and inspire. Their customized safaris not only explore amazing destinations but are also designed to bring guests into the very heart of Africa in a way few others can. The Safari Scapes team is full of passionate individuals who truly understand without a healthy Africa many of the amazing experiences the continent has to offer will simply disappear. We are truly honored they have chosen to support our initiatives by donating a portion of every safari booked to our wildlife conservation efforts.

One of my true passions is to bring donors to the front line of the initiatives they support and Safari Scapes and their team can help with putting the logistics together for not just a conservation initiative but also for an incredible safari before and after. Please follow this link to learn more about them.

“if we do not put our best effort into preserving our precious wildlife and wild experiences how will they ever endure into the next generation” - Ivan Carter

DSC Foundation.png

The Dallas Safari Club has been a generous and loyal supporter of the Ivan Carter Wildlife Conservation Alliance since it's inception, and their support of the various initiatives has truly had a profound conservation effect on the front line. By becoming a member of Dallas Safari Club and supporting their foundation you can be a part of the great work that they do for conservation.

SCI Michigan Chapter.png

The Michigan Safari Club International chapter has supported giraffe conservation foundation by helping provide a vehicle for them as well as supporting some of the anti-poaching initiatives we are engaged in on the front line. We are very grateful for the continuing support.

Metzger Foundation.png

The Metzger family foundation has been a generous supporter of ours and enabled us to achieve the largest move of giraffe ever undertaken in East Africa.


The Shikar Safari Club has been instrumental in the preamble to the lion research and hands on lion conservation initiatives we have facilitated and they have more recently heavily supported our deployment of anti-poaching hounds for the protection of rhinos in Kruger National Park.


Joe Braman has had a truly tremendous influence on the rhino poaching landscape in Kruger National Park. We would like to give a very deep and heartfelt thank you to the Braman family for their time and finical outlay to make the free running pack dog project the amazing success that it truly is.